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Bringing the ZinQ experiment to a close

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Since the very early days of Twitter, often working with, or inspired by, the likes of Stuart Henshall and other creative minds, I've worked on "outside the box" Twitter related projects, including Phweet, Twitmart, and 140plus. We always saw the Twitter platform, the Twitter social graph and real-time signaling, as having a lot of potential for a lot more than "Twitter clients" in the traditional sense. We were inspired by new ways of augmenting the experience, such as early applications that added location to Twitter like Twinkle.

ZinQ is another one of those "ambitious" applications for Twitter. We think it could have solved a real problem for a lot of people and we were willing to take a risk on a non-conformist idea.

But with Twitter's new new ‘Rules of the Road’ and 'Display Requirements' for third-party applications, it’s come time to make the hard decision to discontinue this effort. We've always executed within the constraints of extremely limited resources in working to augment the Twitter experience. We had grand plans, and a provocative roadmap, but unfortunately, given our limited resources and the signals from Twitter, we cannot justify continuing development of ZinQ.

We’ll be turning the service off effective immediately.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s been involved in the project.


Written by ZinqDotCo

Oct 3, 2012


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