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Use ZinQ to Increase Your Personal Brand

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Arguments abound about whether Twitter is a conversation medium or a broadcast medium. But whether it is or isn't a conversation medium, the fact is, people are using Twitter to ask questions, to seek information, and a good question requires an effective response, and therein lies conversation, regardless of what any pundit or social media expert has to say about it.

ZinQ is a tool for efficiently finding interesting questions and providing useful answers to those questions, and thereby increasing your personal brand.

ZinQ helps people more efficiently and effectively use Twitter to gain and promote knowledge.
So, how can you use ZinQ to increase your personal brand? Here are three suggestions:
Follow topics in your industry. Facebook allows you to “Like” company pages. Twitter lets you follow friends, organizations, and influencers. With ZinQ, you can also follow questions you are interested in on Twitter, specifically questions in your industry, or questions asked by those people that you most want to influence on Twitter.
So, say you are in executive recruiting. You might start by using ZinQ to search for questions containing relevant phrases or keywords. Here are some examples that might apply:
Another strategy would be to use ZinQ to search for questions asked by those influential people that you most want to impress. You can follow questions asked by these people and receive instant notifications from ZinQ when someone replies.
ZinQ streamlines this process by using intelligent language processing to filter out everything that isn't a question, letting you focus on providing answers and ensuring important and relevant questions don't get lost in your Twitter stream.
When you find questions in your wheelhouse, you answer and receive praise for your knowledge. Suddenly, the more questions you answer, the more popular you become. ZinQ lets you follow questions and gathers all the replies into one easy to read format. ZinQ even lets users vote on the quality of the Twitter replies, providing yet another way to improve your brand by providing high quality answers.
Show off your thought leadership. Zinq is your opportunity to really show off your skills. After all, it could be the difference between landing your dream job or client and gaining nothing.
If it’s you rather than somebody else who answers those questions, people not only get to know more about you but it also increases their confidence in you and helps get you recognized as an industry thought leader and expert. Moreover, if people find your answers really useful, they might turn into ‘followers’—reading every message that you post.
Asking insightful questions is another way to highlight your knowledge; you might even start a discussion between other thought leaders, which can also greatly improve your brand.
Help others. Sometimes, it’s more important to help other people than it is to benefit yourself. Help others, and they’ll likely reciprocate. You’ll not only do them a favor, you’ll improve your personal brand. How? By answering a question for a user, you can genuinely solve a person’s problem or satisfy their need for information.
Experts are on Twitter, tweeting valuable information that can help you, but also building their online reputation in the process. They’re all active on Twitter. You should be, too. ZinQ makes it easier, more effective, and less time consuming to incorporate Twitter into your brand building strategy.

Written by ZinqDotCo

Mar 29, 2012


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