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What is Personal Branding?

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Personal Branding is one of those words that sounds like a made-up marketing term. I suppose it is. But the fact is, we have a language and we should use it consistently, so Personal Branding is the term we have to work with.

Your "personal brand" is basically what you are known for. And this is another very real case of perception is reality. The idea of Personal Branding is taking an active role in shaping those perceptions.

It's about creating awareness, ensuring people know about you and your talents. But it's more than that. You also need to differentiate from others, to highlight your unique value.

The goal is to have a strong Personal Brand that projects an immediate image of your unique expertise and value. A clear and powerful Personal Brand means the influencers in your network will be able to advocate for you. As a result, your Personal Brand becomes more widely recognized, resulting in new opportunities, job offers, clients, projects, partnerships, and so on.

There are too many strategies and tactics for managing your Personal Brand to talk about them all here, but Twitter has become a big part of Personal Branding. One tool in your Personal Branding arsenal is ZinQ, the question and answer system for Twitter, that you can use to Drop Your Knowledge On Twitter, increase your Personal Brand, and become influential by helping key people.

Written by ZinqDotCo

Apr 1, 2012


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